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01/06/15 - 30/11/2016

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Day 1: Istanbul

Airport to hotel transfer , we reach our hotel will take place after the transfer.

Accommodation: Istanbul

Day 2 Istanbul- Safranbolu

Early in the morning we reached the hotel after breakfast move to Bolu taken over Izmit-Adapazari. via Gerede After a short break we provide here is one of Karabük arrival of Turkey’s largest investment Karabük iron and steel factory (panoramic) sees and as a world heritage site by Unesco old Turkish wooden architecture we reach Safranbolu can see homes ones. We take our lunch. Safranbolu after dinner with one of the three most beautiful we can see the terrace looking out to the hill where the old castle Dadybr. Here the Greek and Turkish historical buildings in the neighborhood nostalgic cobblestone streets of Safranbolu panamorik after the general knowledge of the course and received only one visit we start. Government House, the Clock Tower, Bridge sun in Mehmet Pasha Mosque and courtyards time, houses a museum which Kaymakamlar House, Cinci Han and bath, which is one small example of the baroque style Izzet Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Akçasu Canyon, the same job that trades in batches, meaning their location Aras from the bazaar and the historic village cafe, arcade blacksmiths, coppersmiths bazaar, saddlers, we see the famous Safranbolu Imren Lokum Manufacturing and pool Main Room after market trips. Here we are sipping our tea and refreshments with our agents while watching a slide show presented to us. Delight After completing our shopping village with an old Bektashi nomads and nomads who formerly inhabited by Turkish-i Comb Boron arrival at the village now called Nomad. Old laundry in public areas of the village people, Sipahioğlu mansion and village markets are coming to our hotel after our trip and we settle in, dinner and accommodation.

Accommodation: Safranbolu

Day 3 Safranbolu -Ankara-Mausoleum Anadolu Civilizations Museum in Cappadocia

In the morning, after our breakfast we get to our hotel; We’re heading to Ankara. Our first stop in Ankara, the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the resting place of the Mausoleum, Ataturk and the War of Independence, we will achieve our visit to the museum. In addition to being the tomb of Ataturk, architecture, also will get a lot of information while visiting the Mausoleum of interest with significant features. After our visit, we go to the Mausoleum can see traces of Anatolian Civilizations Museum of Anatolian history. We give our lunch break afterwards. After our lunch break we are going to our hotel in Cappadocia, we realized our stay. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Accommodation: Cappadocia

Day 4 Uchisar Castle - Pigeon Valley-Pottery Workshop - Göreme Open Air Museum - Avanos Stone Workshop -Onyx-Derinkuyu Underground City

In the morning after breakfast buffet at the hotel received today will be the first photo break Uchisar castle. After a panoramic photograph taken, a point which dominates the Pigeon Valley and has a spectacular view – We’re going to Six tree. After our break here the photo that combines the clay soil with water Kızılırmak to see the man’s 5000 years livelihoods that are going to the pottery art pottery workshop. After the pleasant moments we spent, known as reefs and see the rule of monastic life time we go to Goreme open-air museum. Following the information given about the history of the Christian Church where Apple, Çarıklı Church, you can visit numerous churches such as the Church snake. Later in the Cappadocia region is the mermergil and family are going to workshops where the processed stone Onyx. After the lecture made here, one of the 104 different underground city in the region by continuing our way we reach out Avanos Derinkuyu Underground City. The underground tunnels of sightseeing after hearing the narrative after narrative and prayer is that we return to our hotel. In the evening our dinner at the hotel. our guests who desire to attend the meeting in the lobby for Turkish night (Extra, bus our guide will give you detailed information about the night.)

Accommodation: Cappadocia

Day 5 Cappadocia-Konya Mevlana Pamukkale

In the morning after breakfast at our hotel by our check-out from the hotel we move to Konya. We visit Mevlana in Konya perform the lunch break. At the end of the timeout, we realize the bus ride to our hotel we will stay in Pamukkale. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Accommodation: Pamukkale

Day 6 of Pamukkale -Kuşadası

After received our hotel buffet breakfast, Aydin, Sultanhisar, we move on to Pamukkale Nazilli. Travertino is only visible on the town like Italy in the world, with a white tissue you are self amaze we arrive at Pamukkale. Here take the travertine Denizli dominate the plains while visiting a summer terrace allowed to walk photos, will have a nice trip memories. Later known as the sacred pool and we visit the ancient colonnaded pool of water considered to be good for many diseases. From here we will reach after a short walk from the Temple of Apollo and it is located next to I Plutonium known as the gates of hell in ancient China that we do our narrative seeing the hole. This hotel is located in Kusadasi for us after our stay enjoyable trip we’re going the right way. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Accommodation: Kuşadası

Day 7 of the Virgin Mary - Ephesus - Selcuk - Selcuk

Acting on our bus after our hotel received buffet breakfast Christians holy pilgrimage center of the accepted Virgin Mary’s House, here the Koran also names the sleepers-ul-Kahf (7 they sleep) we visit the cave. Which can then be excavated and unearthed 100 years, 10% of the ancient city of Ephesus, we go for a ride. Things will move between the Odeon, Curetes street, Latrine’s, baths, Celsus Library, House of Love, Agora, Theatre counted. This is an old Greek village pleasant trip and then announced the name of their fruit wine village of Sirince arrival. free time you can tour the wine shop in the village texture reminiscent of Safranbolu houses here. Today is the last stop on the tour in the Selçuk district Ayasuluk panoramic hill, founded the movement around here and we reach our hotel. In the evening our dinner in our hotel

Accommodation: Kuşadası

Day 8 -Asklepio the Pergamon-Troy

After taking breakfast, one of the ancient world’s most powerful arts and education center in the ancient city of Pergamon we start the trip. BC Asclepius which is one of antiquity’s greatest cultural heritage. 4. Century was founded. The most brilliant period in the 2nd century AD, who lived where a healing center. Asclepius, a residential area in a hospital, a library, an amphitheater bulunuyor.gezi after our Edremit – we arrive at the Dardanelles accompanied Agent breaks through Altinoluk. Our first stop is the subject of the first Trojan war between east and west in history (Troy) to the ancient city. With 5000 years of history, burned nine times – demolished and built again in the same place in the ancient city; nested walls, ramp door, altars, baths, theaters, after seeing the Wooden Horse, which was built according to the types of houses and actually we reached our hotel to stay. In the evening our dinner in our hotel

Accommodation: Çanakkale

9th day of the tour-Çanakkale-Martyrdom Bosphorus Tour

Our check-out from the hotel in the morning after breakfast at the hotel after our tour of the cemetery on the Gallipoli peninsula perform’re doing the bus ride to Istanbul. We give our first lunch break in Istanbul. He’s watching the Bosporus Strait to tour afterwards. Bosphorus Tour after taking our dinner we are going to our hotel. Accommodation at the hotel

Accommodation: Istanbul

10th day of the Sultan Ahmet-Topkapı Palace-Hagia Sophia Tour

In the morning after breakfast we will Sultan Ahmet Square in the hotel we go to. First, we provide lunch break after visiting the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace. Off we give free time going to the bazaar after our tour we do in Sultan Ahmet Square in the post, accompanied by our guide. At the end of our time we are going to our restaurant to eat our dinner. We are going to our hotel after dinner. Accommodation at the hotel.

Accommodation: Istanbul

Day11 Istanbul

Perform our morning check-out from the hotel after breakfast at the hotel after our free time going to the airport we say goodbye with the hope to meet again with you.


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